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Talking about magazines (and genius writers like Gossage). There is one serious hiatus in the "best of" list that I just have to mention here.
It is of course "Army Man - America's Only Magazine" (even the title and subtitle are thè best ever).
This must be the funniest magazine ever. I found out about this magazine when the believer (the number 2 on my list, naah #1) issued a facsimile of the much sought after #1 issue.
Editor George Meyer (read a brilliant profile from...again a favourite magazine, the New Yorker here) is called the funniest man on eart and I believe there is a lot of truth to that claim.

Because I am such a generous man I will post scans of Army man's pages here. I came across them years ago and have treasured them on my harddisk (I moved them with each new one). Thanks for the guy that did the scanning then, unfortunately I do not know a a name or a link. Too bad the pics aren't bigger (the old days?). What I did was print them and try to read them and memorize them.
Do as I did and give this as a gift to yourself and your offspring.
Favourite? Ask Uncle Trivia.

army man scans

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