CIA handbook on overthrowing the Nicaraguan government

the mirror world of the worldwide web sure is a strange place. the "original" image, the real world, is (obviously) even weirder (since it has ubstance instead of pixels).
On Flickr I found scanned in pages of a CIA manual to overthrow a government (apparantly the Nicaraguan Sandinista government in this case). It is a fascinating studies in civil disobedience. One should come late to work (or call in sick), hide and damage tools, spread rumours, make false hotel reservations, threaten the boss by telephone, disable cars ,make molotov cocktails.
There are also more clumsy tips (it he above weren't clumsy enough); spill liquids on documents, cut and perforate the upholstery of vehicles (what the hell for? you already put dirt in the gastank on page 9).
My favourite is; "plant flowers on State Farms" pure poetry.

For those among you (whoever the hell that is :)) who are looking for tips and tricks to overthrow a government (americans among you?) without making your hands dirty, here are the things you always wanted to know about CIA methods but were afraid to imagine.
As funny as this is, it makes you wonder what the hell those people in the pentagon think they're doing. Now and again...
Whoooo if al quaida were to come across this manual. I have often wondered what it would be like if terrorism was exterted in a more daily, less spectacular mode. It would certainly scare the shit out of me.
Then again, they don't scare me nearly as bad as the guys at work in the agency.
as Hunter 'd say "it never got weird enough for me".
If the book is real that is.

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