Take a look at this movieclip. Looks really nice. I have never seen a Charles Burns Image move before. Look chilling. http://www.primalinea.com/pdn/images/peursteaser.htm I got the link for this teaser from the weblog of fantagraphics (the comics publisher) They also have some images that make your mouth either water or your jaw drop open: This is original art by Gilbert Hernandez. Just a stack ful of brilliant original art. Wow. I can't believe this one. One of those beautiful pages from the book Palestine by Joe Sacco, painstakingly rendered, is thrown in a box. According to the writer of the blog by Joe Sacco himself. Send me a line Joe, if there's more art you want to get rid off!!!


very good piece of writing about the counterculture movement

The Stone Age - Drugs and Rock 'n' Roll by Louis Menand http://www.totse.com/en/ego/can_you_dance_to_it/stoneage.html



another one


this appears the publisher of some of my favourite photobooks:

A collection of photo's from Patrick Tourneboeuf:

cool guitars

The site that also contained Hunter's photo's contains some great picture books

Fishing with Guns

Another Hunter Thompson note. This blog is becoming a HST shrine.

Anyway I found some beautiful Hunter Thompson photo's here

I found them through a cool weblog. While I was looking for some more info on a new Hunter Thompson photobook which only costs 300 dollars..I h
ave to make up my mind if that's worth feeding the small addiction I am building here.