Alexander Deineka

Alexander Deineka. Drawing. Hydroaeroplanes over ships. 1934

Alexander Deineka (Alexandr Deineka) was a very politically engaged painter/illustrator. He was born in 1899 in Kharkov (Russia). His best work (in my opinion) is his least political (revolutionary) work. Most of all I like his folky, simple drawings (with the slightest touch of goache, or water color). Unfortunately I couldn't find many examples on this website which is
devoted to his work.
In his later paintings there are traces of the work of Alex Katz, Edward Hopper (Deineka being the influencer obviously, if at all). He keeps combining (social) realism and slavic nostalgia

Alexander Deineka. Painting. The boredom. 1935

Soviet Russian painter Alexander Deineka. The cavalry. 1930

Alexander Deineka. Drawing. Over snows. 1938

Alexander Deineka. Painting. The parachuter above the sea. 1934
Alexander Deineka. Painting. On the balcony. 1931


alex nabaum and Tatsuro Kiuchi

These are two of my favorite illustrators.
They work in a similar style (their technique is dominated by the use of the inkroller, which gives their work a silkscreened appearance) Even conceptually their images are related. Both illustrators seem to have the same eye for human behaviour. I can't decide who I find better, I think they are both unique and brilliant.
Alex Nabaum and Tatsuro Kiuchi




linegolfer. Silly but very addictive. Linerider 2.0


the friendwheel is a facebook app that visualizes your networks of "friends" in a graphic and beautiful way. This might be a good app in the real world when you can't decide who to ask for your parties.