1500 SCI-FI covers. Urania sixties

1500 Covers of Urania, an Italian Sci Fi series ... incredible artwork and some really crazy images; monsters, semi nude women, it's all there.
Illustrator is Karel Thole. Yes a dutchman who moved to Milano in 1958. Graphic Designer, Cartoonist, Illustrator, dopehead?
I came across it googling for the illustrator of a sixties edition of Don Camillo which I found lying on a desk at my wife's parents.




nice collection of visual inspiration.

JB&N Box 01


GrainEdit is a nice bloglike site with interviews with the best illustrators. They also have and even more interesting site on flickr where they keep and store the goodies. Hot Damn! Vault after vault is opened. Where does one find the time tom cherish all these delicacies?

tips and tricks for designers

This website, called Before and After contains a lot of tool tips, practical guidelines on essential design elements