Lee Miller in Adolf Hitler's bathtub

I saw this image in an episode of Roel van broekhoven en Geert Maks's "In Europ (an episode about horrific revenge on the german's).
I googled the picture and would like to keep it on loan on this blog so that I can look at it everytime I am here. This is such a loaded image when you know it's context. This photographer Lee Miller taking a bath in the bath of the führer. Her boots neatly in front of the bath. There are two exposures which seem to have been taken seconds after eachother.
There is the dramatic historical context. The fact that a liberal american woman reporter is sitting in the bath of a fascist leader. The venus-like statue on the table which whose movement is mirrored by Lee Miller. The small portrait of Hitler, who aparantly was so narcistic that even when he was taking a bath he needed an idealized image rather than a mirror.
This photo is endlessly fascinating....



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a marvellous blog about historic maps and charts. Stunning...

Satyrische Europa Karte 1914


Cooper is debunking the myths about webdesign. Very good article. I know he's talking about me and my fellow imagemakers/designers. Yet he's so right.... and we're so wrong in thinking that the web is just another medium..
this food for thought.