map works

funny maps by Christoph Niemann.
by Christoph Niemann
by Christoph Niemann

world street

this is an intersting idea; what would the ideal street look like, if you could pick the best stores, bars, homes etc from all over the world and line them up in a long street? The idea is better than the execution, but google street view could maybe help out here? Since it's now limited to the dull reality of registration, users could maybe compose their ideal world? Combine bits and pieces to create new parks, villages, countries even?

A Splendid Eye

Eric Tabuchi has a splendid eye for the tragic melodramatic, tragi-comic everyday theatre of abandonded objects. Artifacts of human behaviour. Not a single "person" appears in his photo's, but the buildings, objects, debris and trash become characters. really beaytiful work, check it out.


camera axe trigger

the post made use  used the camera axe.

see article here

drop capturing

the beauty of drops photographed with the use of technology. here's a set up instruction

Massimo Vignelli's Bicentennial Poster

What a fantastic Typgraphic design.

i want this!

Unfolded designed this really cool Tea Pot. I am not much for Tea, coffee is more my drink when it comes to hot beverages. Still, I wouldn't mind having this polygone tea pot. It was based on the first complex 3d model:
The Utah teapot is a 3D model created in 1975 by Martin Newell which has become a standard reference object in the computer graphics community. It is a simple, round, partially concave mathematical model of an ordinary teapot. The objective of Utanalog by Unfold is to return the iconographic teapot to its roots as a piece of functional dish-ware while showing its status as an icon of the digital world.
On the website they state it's for sale and has been actually produced. I sent a mail about the price, though I am afraid it will be quite expensive.