Howard Gossage

this is a site dedicated to the life and works of advertising genius Howard Gossage (1917-1969) The socrates of San Fransisco.
He did some truly brilliant, disruptive and highly onconventional ads. The guy's a true legend and inspiration.
Here's an article on how he is still relevant, to online advertising (indeed, indeed, strange times).
be sure to read the copy below. It is of the highest quality; monty python would be proud (though I realize prosumers don't read anymore.)

Among the many quotes that are worth being cut in stone and driven through the big glass facades of ad agencies are his : "Advertising: A multibillion dollar hammer pounding a ten cent thumbtack." and "You don't have to bruise an elephant all over to kill him. One shot in the right place will do."
He also had some refreshing approaches to the "consumer" and target audiences:
"I don't know how to speak to everybody, only to somebody." and:
"To ask consumers how they like ads is like asking a galley slave what he thinks of his job calisthenics-wise."

This is an ad for Fina.http://www.lacreativeclub.com/images/shirtkerad.jpg
and one for eagle shirtmakers.

and quantas.

thanks to addbuzz and ciadvertising
I did not mean to steal officer, just to borrow..

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