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I copied this list from another brilliant weblog about illustration, cartography, scientific illustration etc. It's called bibliodyssey (which is a well found name, until you have to spell and type it). The author made this list of reference sites (with rss feeds). I just had to take it. Mainly because the main purpose of this log is to have a clever and more visual means of bookmarking (and share that, for those interested).
Most of the sites below are in my bookmarks folder SOMEwhere... here they all are. enjoy and many thanks to "peacay" for compiling it.

library of congress
british library
library france
library holland
library spain
library portugal
european library
library australia
collections canada
digital poland
nypl digital
botanicus digital
rare book room
britmuseum prints
smithsonian galaxy
casglu'r tlysau
rumsey collection
digital scriptorium
cesg manuscripts
digital book index
primary sources
online exhibitions
worldcat search
library directory
digital librarian
intute resources
herder institute
warburg institute
lexilogos links
digiwiki links
archivalia blog
book arts web
arts journal
alchemy website
health history links
history network
new advent

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