a favourite: generator x - code generated art and design

This site is one of my favourites. It is a hub for designers, engineers, programmers who are involved in code generated art and design. There are some strinkingly beautiful projects. This site is a window to one of the most fascinating and innovative developments in graphic design, illustration, engineering and information graphics.
Take this example (which the site in its turn picked from the weblog 30gms)
These are images of the geological composition of the surface of the moon. Don't ask me what it is exactly that is represented here. I just look at the images and see beautiful complex, compositions, rendered in fantastic psychedelic colors (see my previous posts on posters from the san fransisco psychedelic period).
Erik Natzke who I mentioned in the previous post is a main contributor (founder?). The links from and to this site are so many, that it will take a good deal of time to follow them up. Like I said: I think this site is the perfect start for a journey into the beautiful (brave new) world of code, art, design and imagery.

USGS Astrogeology Research Program: West side of the moon

USGS Astrogeology Research Program: West side of the moon

Some pictures from flickr logs. See this post for more stunning imagery

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