intelligent blog

This is an intelligent blog about illustration: illustrationart.
 Not just a collection of pictures and shop-talk (like this blog is). There are some provocative issues on this site that are interesting enough to read and think about.
I like the article about Disney drawings (or the absence of them) and the Museum of Modern Art (MOMA) the post is called " A Holiday quest for Mitigation). I don not agree with the author because I think he's (deliberately) denying some important differences between animation/illustration and art (or commercial (lowbrow) art and conceptual (high brow) art). However, I do think it is very interesting and necessary to (deliberately) forget about these obvious differences and question the position of both fields.
Another thing that is really good about this blog is that the author has an obvious knowledge of the history of the trade (and of image making in a more general sense of the word). This blogger also uses scientific (or faux-scientific) methods of image analysis and compares genres, artists and (aspects of ) images.

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