Willem Bijmoer

For the Christmas holidays I am staying at the house of my father and mother in law.
I was browsing through some old children's books when I came across the cover of Abeltje. Since time is on my side here I can spend a good deal of time browsing and searching for things I like and that I am curious about.
The illustrator is Willem Bijmoer. His work is very recognizable for dutch children and for dutch people in general. He illustrated a lot of the books that Annie M.G. Schmidt wrote. And since she is the most popular writer of children's books in Holland for I think the second half of the century, her work is iconic. And so are the illustrators.
So, I have known this work of course. But only now have I looked it up and it turns out to be really excellent work; very fifties, but beautiful in it's technique, with characters that are alive and not as boring as they should have been for the time when they were drawn (just like the stories of Schmidt). Bijmoer also made very nice decors.
I am really into the fifties (and earlier) illustration-styles since the Charlie Harper "discovery". I am experimenting with chalk and pencil to obtain the slightly shaded effect which a lot of the illustrations from that period have. There is also a lot to discover when it comes to the use of dry brush techniques and ink styles.
I cannot post any pictures since there is a strict copyright procedure.

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