Summer of Love

Link to a PBS documentary about the Summer of Love (San Fransisco, California, 1967). As I mentioned before I am reading a good book on the Haight Ashbury scene in the sixties. I wanted to know more about this period in the history of the United States and the history of the Counter Culture. An interest I have had for as long as I can remember, but which takes on a new shape all the time (from Thompson, to beats, to anti globalists)
This documentary is a nice introduction to th hippie phenomenom (of course the book I am reading is better).  The moving images are nice to see after having read so many details. For me it remains a period in time which is inspiriational. Until I imagine where all the ex hippies currently are and what they're doing. who they became, and what was left of their heritage. Also what it mutated in.

Psychedelic graphic from the Oracle newspaper.

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