Wes wilson

Wes Wilson was a poster designer (graphic artist is a better word) in the famous days of '66 an '67. He designed hundreds of brilliant rock posters, mainly for the Fillmore East. His skill and style evolved at a furious pace. His posters were very sought after and immediately copied by other artists that wanted to catch on to the "new wave" in graphic arts and the "hippie" style.
May 5 1967 he designed his last poster for Bill Graham, the famous owner of the Fillmore East and rock promoter., who replaced his work for the work of lesser but cheaper gods.
"his style was imitated in L.A., Austin and London (.....) Bill Graham had  already slipped in an occasional poster by another artist, so Wilson decided to demand a raise while his iron was hot. No Deal. Wilson's last poster showed a serpent with a bold dollar sign in its mouth"

from "The Haight Ashbury" by Charles Perry, 2005 (which I am currently reading of course)

This Site
shows some pretty examples of his work.
This site sells them for an amount of money that Wilson would have laughed at when he printed them. They sell beautiful items though.

pictures copyright wes wilson, taken from http://www.collectable-records.ru/images/post/wilson/

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