Robert Kennedy's Funeral train by Paul Fusco

On june 8 1968 Robert Kennedy's body was transported in a funeral train to it's final resting place. He had been shot three days earlier in Los Angeles by Sirhan Sirhan. Here's the whole story.
I came across this story because of a stunning series of photographs by Paul Fusco.
I think the images are truly moving, both literaly and figurely.
I was especially touched by this image.
I think it is one of the best photographs I know. Both chilling, compassionate and intriguing. Epic is also a word. Who needs words though with images like this.
By the way there are also some video interviews with Paul Fusco on the site.

and here's another brilliant photo.

By the way I hope the copyrightholder for who I have the greatest respect won't mind me showing these treasures to those who were not aware they existed, like myself.

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