the global village

This site archives images of people from round the globe and shows our "sameness". This sameness has a very american focus, but I don't mind.

many same is an archive of universal sameness –
as observed through the internet.

in isolation from their original context images acquire new meaning. similarity is amplified while any inherent significance or value is diminished. ultimately the viewer is prompted to re-interpret the message, placing new cultural, aesthetic and emotional qualities upon it.

as a publication tool the Internet has facilitated an unprecedented accumulation of privately owned images, which are for the most part freely accessible. this constitutes a vast repository of the ‘everyday’ that provides a unique perspective of minute social and cultural phenomena.

A good idea. And some nice image galleries. I especially like windowseat, leaning tower from the kodak moments section (although the idea is stolen from Martin Parr) golden arches and jesus saves.

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