David cihla has a nice hobby (and money to spend)

I came across the site of a real estate agent. Judging on his site this man is not gifted with a great sense for style and taste.
My guess he does his business and he does it well. "Specializing in serving the needs of buyers and sellers on Chicago's north side" is his works' motto. Nothing suspicious you'd say. Just an all-American Clark Kent-like salesman bringing home the bread and the bacon.
If you add this extension to his URL though, you find that Davis has a hobby. He collects original Chris Ware artwork.
There are to me few things more exciting than Chris Ware artworks. A few years back I saw I think four original pages of Chris Ware's Jimmy Corrigan at the Whitney in New York. My mouth literally fell open (I think). I have always been a great fan of the now so called "graphic Novel" and especially of the Jimmy Corrigan series, but this was the first time I saw the craftsmanship, the staggering amount of detail, the obessive feel for contrast, line weight etc. It was also for the first time that it became clear that all lettering was done by hand. Yes, even all the titles and sub-headlines and vignettes, the fake blurbs of advertising, the long columns of comments and semi-intellectual gibberish..
For some time I have been looking to buy a piece of original artwork by Ware. It is clear that I am not the only fan. Ware's low output makes for even higher prices. I don't even know how much he puts on the market. The prices are in any way simply unaffordable.
I'd even do a small hitjob for one the truly magnificent posters or other serigraphs.
So that brings us back to dear David. This House-selling, grinning son of a real estator has no less than 35(!!!!) originals. No need to express my jealousy and envy. You probably feel the same way. Let's weep together. That will cheer us up won't it?
I guess, no I know, David has good taste. Why else would a man collect this work? But how did he start this collection. I he so wealthy that he just buys them at auctions? Or was he a so called early investor? Or is this guy a good Samaritan and old friend of Ware's? Questions, questions. Meanwhile I am stuck with the fact that I can only admire JPG's on a hidden page of a real estate agent's corny website.

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