Charley Harper


Charley Harper seems to have laid the foundation for what is now called "vector style" illustration.
His work is done by hand, but is characterized by extremely stylized an simplified forms.
His finesse in borh color, line and composition is extreme.
It seems he had devoted his life to the visualization of nature. I read somewhere that he stated: I don't want to count all the feathers on the wings of a bird, I just want to count how many wings the bird has". Or something like that :) The idea is clear. Only the bare essence
This illustrator is new to me but it is already hard to imagine that I did not know him and his work.
It is possible to buy prints of the wonderful illustrator Charley Harper here. the pictures are from the same site which is a nice gallery in its own.
There is also a marvelous book, in four editions. With four different silkscreens, and one, cheaper, without.
I have it on my wishlist. It is for sale here. and a bit cheaper here

Charley Harper: An Illustrated Life

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