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here is more on the art of dazzle camouflage, razzle dazzle, or dazzle painting
The primary object of this scheme was not so much to cause the enemy to miss his shot when actually in firing position, but to mislead him, when the ship was first sighted, as to the correct position to take up. [Dazzle was a] method to produce an effect by paint in such a way that all accepted forms of a ship are broken up by masses of strongly contrasted colour, consequently making it a matter of difficulty for a submarine to decide on the exact course of the vessel to be attacked.... The colours mostly in use were black, white, blue and green.... When making a design for a vessel, vertical lines were largely avoided. Sloping lines, curves and stripes are by far the best and give greater distortion.
here is an interesting article about the relationship between artists and the war industry in a review of an exhibition called artists and camouflage.
here is good article as well.
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The Bible in the US woodland camouflage pattern, first introduced in 1989.

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