came across this blurb on amazon.
"For Mark Osteen, the most bracing and unsettling feature of DeLillo's
work is that, although his fiction may satirize cultural forms, it
never does so from a privileged position outside the culture. His work
brilliantly mimics the argots of the very phenomena it dissects:
violent thrillers and conspiracy theories, pop music, advertising,
science fiction, film, and television. As a result, DeLillo has been
read both as a denouncer and as a defender of contemporary culture; in
fact, Osteen argues, neither description is adequate. DeLillo's
dialogue with modern institutions, such as chemical companies, the CIA,
and the media, respects their power and ingenuity while criticizing
their dangerous consequences. Even as DeLillo borrows from their
discourses, he maintains a tenaciously opposing stance toward the
sources of collective power."

I think this is remarkably well put. And it explains an attitude/dialogue which I try to hold high.

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