Hunter's worst Prose ever?

An interesting article about the death of the great Gonzo. I am very much into this guy again. My last episode of overaffection was in 2000 when I broke up with my girlfriend. When she made a beautiful and long trip in the States and e-mailed everybody she knew telling about it, I replied in what I thought was Gonzo Style....Except I made the mistake to do a reply-all and embarrassed some 100 people After finishing Fear And Loathing On The Campaign Trail 1972 I am now thoroughly re-reading The Great Shark Hunt and his collected Letters. I came across an interesting clip on youtube from a BBC documentary called Gonzovision (type that word at torrentspy.com for the whole film). So having read the books and seen the film I was wondering if there was anything known about his death last year february. So that's when I found this article:

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